Buying a beginner slackline set is the first step, learning how to  set up your slackline to learn how to balance is the second one. We will prove you that that when set up correctly, you can learn under 15 minutes to balance on a slackline.

We all have balance it is simply important to learn how to slackline step by step and with the correct set up. 

So how to install a slackline set? 

The lenght

When installing your slackline for the first time, it is important to keep it short. 5 to 7 meter long is enough to begin with.

The height

When starting with a 5/7 meters long slackline, we recommend a height lower by 10 to 20cm than the knee of an adult. 

The tension

For your first installation, don´ ´t tension too much your slackline. It needs to be tight enough so that you don´t touch the floor when standing in the middle of the slackline.

slackline common mistakes

How to avoid common mistake when installing a slackline?

In this video, we go over the common mistakes that beginner slackliner make, and explain how to avoid them and install a slackline perfectly. 

how to install a slackline

Step by step video to guide you when installing your slackline for the first time

In this slackline video, our polish athlete Filip Oleksik explains how to install your slackline step by step but also learn how to slackline.


Learn your first moves and tricks on your slackline!

Now that you can install your line and walk, it is time to learn some new moves. This videos will show you the most common tricks for beginners.


Click on the text above to discover our last videos. We publish frequently slackline tutorials, trickline videos and compilations. 



If you want to know where to slackline? How to install it and how to balance, this App is for you!  From beginner slackliner to more advanced users, this app incude all what you need to discover the world of slacklining. In a few words, this App contains:
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