About us

Just like the Gibbon monkeys, we are curious, clever and playful. And as pioneers of slacklining, we have one vision:

Bring balance to people all over the world!

Before Gibbon, slacklining was a niche sport for elite climbers, which required complicated pulley systems and technical know-how. Only when Robert Käding (CEO Gibbon Slacklines) got the idea to use ratchets as tensioning element, slacklining became accessible to the general public. Since then, the industrial ratchet have been improved and adapted to be used safely for slackline and the line are now much more comfortable to walk or bounce on.
Since its founding in 2007, GIBBON has built up a global community that includes hobby slackliners in parks, families with slacklines in their back yards and professional slackline athletes. We are not just a brand, we are a big family!


Who’s behind GIBBON?

GIBBON comes from a group of friend passionate by music and urban sports (skate, inline skate and hip hop culture). Over the years, this small group turned into a bigger worldwide community sharing the same passion for slacklining.
The GIBBON office is now composed of a small team of 8 people mostly coming from Germany. Our head quarter is located in Stuttgart, Southern Germany, from which we manage worldwide operations.