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Deck - Arctic Rocker

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Affen lieben auch den Winter! Und die heißen Quellen in Japan. Unser ARCTIC ROCKER ist dem Roots Rocker ziemlich ähnlich: sehr zugänglich und verspielt mit der Schwerkraft.

  • Gibbon Board ArcticRocker, Farbe; weiß, Länge 106 cm, Holz aus der EU
  • Erweiterung zur Verwendung mit 2 Slacklines möglich, QR on Board für einfachen Zugriff auf die GibbonApp für Übungen und Tutorials
  • Oberfläche gegen leichte Kratzer geschützt, Design und Mechanik patentiert
  • Verwendung zu Hause oder unterwegs; Holz aus der EU - FCS-zertifiziert


We’ve developed a new board. A board made for people who will let nothing get them down. Not even gravity! We call it the ‚GIBOARD‘ – and if you like fun & fitness, you will be all over it. Or meditate on it. Or even perform a handstand on it. Whatever you choose: enjoy challenging gravity!


Make your GIBOARD just as unique as you. Our boards come in different designs and one convenient size – allowing you to express your style anyplace, anytime. Even if you put your GIBOARD aside for a moment: The puristic, laid-back design will draw some attention for sure.


Our GIBOARDs are manufactured exclusively in Europe and with high-grade beech from sustainable cultivation in the EU. Every GIBOARD will give you a feeling of quality – and safety! That’s because we developed a smart and steady design that allows you to have maximum fun without any dangerous metal parts or sharp edges.



Quiz question: What’s a group of friends that is enthusiastic about skating, snowboarding, couch surfing and the outdoors? Exactly: On the same wave length. Logically, it had only been a question of time before we decided on founding our own company: GIBBON. A brand that manifests everything we value: fun, lifestyle and new challenges


We love challenges! That’s why GIBBON has been the slackline world market leader for more than 14 years. We even helped to turn slacklining into a widely recognized sport! But why stop there?

Our GIBOARD brings slacklining from the outdoors to your home. Or to any other place! No matter where you decide to take it: Everything is possible, except boredom. Demanding tricks, effective workouts or just fun and games. Do what we do: Create your own challenges. You can only win! Because while you are balancing, jumping or having fun, training effects occur naturally: You strengthen your posture, fitness and creativity