Deck - Bonzo - Gibbon Slacklinesslackline #gibbonslacklines
Deck - Bonzo - Gibbon Slacklinesslackline #gibbonslacklines
Deck - Bonzo - Gibbon Slacklinesslackline #gibbonslacklines
Deck - Bonzo - Gibbon Slacklinesslackline #gibbonslacklines
Deck - Bonzo - Gibbon Slacklinesslackline #gibbonslacklines
Deck - Bonzo - Gibbon Slacklinesslackline #gibbonslacklines

Deck - Bonzo

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You don’t want to be stereotyped? In this case, our “BEDTIME FOR BONZO”board is just what you’ve been looking for: Ronald Reagan as psychology professor Peter Boyd tries to teach a chimpanzee human moral. The moral of the story: Impossible, because it’s not interesting!

Gibbon Board Bonzo – colour: yellow, length 106 cm, wood from the EU, width: 28 cm, FCS approved wood


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No matter where you buy our product, we will always help you to solve any issue you might enconter.

Behind this Online shop, real people are working and doing their best to ensure that our customers enjoy and have fun with our products.

More than a product

By choosing to buy a GIBBON slackline you become part of our big family.

Our promesses to you are challenges, social interractions and hours of fun. We will do our best to provide you with tutorials, games, inspiration, and tips to learn and try on your slackline.


We’ve developed a new board. A board made for people who will let nothing get them down. Not even gravity! We call it the ‚GIBOARD‘ – and if you like fun & fitness, you will be all over it. Or meditate on it. Or even perform a handstand on it. Whatever you choose: enjoy challenging gravity!


Make your GIBOARD just as unique as you. Our boards come in different designs and one convenient size – allowing you to express your style anyplace, anytime. Even if you put your GIBOARD aside for a moment: The puristic, laid-back design will draw some attention for sure.


Our GIBOARDs are manufactured exclusively in Europe and with high-grade beech from sustainable cultivation in the EU. Every GIBOARD will give you a feeling of quality – and safety! That’s because we developed a smart and steady design that allows you to have maximum fun without any dangerous metal parts or sharp edges.



Quiz question: What’s a group of friends that is enthusiastic about skating, snowboarding, couch surfing and the outdoors? Exactly: On the same wave length. Logically, it had only been a question of time before we decided on founding our own company: GIBBON. A brand that manifests everything we value: fun, lifestyle and new challenges


We love challenges! That’s why GIBBON has been the slackline world market leader for more than 14 years. We even helped to turn slacklining into a widely recognized sport! But why stop there?

Our GIBOARD brings slacklining from the outdoors to your home. Or to any other place! No matter where you decide to take it: Everything is possible, except boredom. Demanding tricks, effective workouts or just fun and games. Do what we do: Create your own challenges. You can only win! Because while you are balancing, jumping or having fun, training effects occur naturally: You strengthen your posture, fitness and creativity